Michał Rudnicki

Michał Rudnicki
Madrid, Spain


See my profile and professional network on LinkedIn. Please feel free to view my Q&A page where I help people with what I am good at.


I am voluntary IT community supporter, as shown on my StackOverflow profile. You will find me mostly active in advanced PHP and OOP areas.

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I am a software engineer experienced in web applications development and object oriented programming. I am currently 39 with nearly two decades of experience in software engineering. I work with numerous web technologies and architectures in any size organizations.
I have MSc in computer networks and background in Linux operating system.

There's more to life than computers. Guitar playing, Jazz and Fusion music, rock climbing and sailing are enjoyable to me, too. I also run quite a random blog.

I firmly believe the future of computing and thus society is decentralized and view Bitcoin and Ethereum as technologies of tomorrow to keep an eye on today.

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Get in touch with me by email: please enable javascript in your browser to reveal my email address.
or by phone: +48 600 995 305